First comes patient…...

Sentro Pharma is committed to the Globe for research in natural Active Pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates for Pharma industry, We are constantly looking for brilliant minds, who think differently and in parallel we strive to collaborate with similar mind different organizations, NGOs, governments etc.
We do sponsor scholarships for the students who want to achieve extraordinary education in the particular field of research for development of natural APIs for pharma industry, with only condition to work for India in any organization of repute.

There are many scientists in the world who are brilliant, creative, passionate, and committed to improving the world and making discoveries.

Major global collaborations were set up so that scientists could share their expertise, and plans were implemented to speed up clinical trials so that treatments, vaccines, and diagnostics could take place quickly, without compromising safety. For all this work, governments, businesses, and philanthropic organisations got together and started committing resources. Both science, and the deepening of international collaboration, has been remarkable features of the year to come.

Sentro Pharma is also participants of the same community from the side of business. We welcome scientists, individuals, who wish to work together with us and willing to bring change in world.  

We strive every day to provide the highest quality medicines at affordable rates.
We follow SOPs set out by (Central Drugs Standard Control Organization), ensuring that all products are stored & distributed according to guidelines and have full batch traceability and certifications. Qualified staff with service expertise is our backbone. Guided by strong values of Integrity, Passion, Innovation, Humility and a focus on excellence, we have created a vibrant company culture where ideas flow freely.

  • Universities, laboratories, individual Scientist, thesis aspirants may connect with our research analysis team : research@sentropharma.com